⦁ GOITER Neck – Swelling

This is the fact of the swelling of the Thyroid gland in the neck of our body.
1 emotional upsets with gradual increase.
2  loss of power of concentration and depression,

3  Swelling of the thyroid gland.
1 Ddeficiency of iodine in the diet.
2  because of the physical and emotional disturbances.
3 By  eating certain uncooked foods,
4 When we habitually live on denatured food.
1 Iodine is the best treatment, when used in its organic form
2 Liberal usage of vegetable and fruits like carrots turnips, onions, oats etc and also Pineapples, strawberries tomatoes and seafood.
3 Water cress is highly beneficial in preventing this diseases. Goiter
4 flaxseed should be grounded in water should be heated and applied on the parts of the swelling
5 The decoction of Kashgar bark is also found as a good folk medicine if it is taken daily twice in the morning, but I an empty stomach.
6 The juice of the leaves of swamp cabbage with tea i almonds, if taken, daily twice as a medicine gives the j good result in curing “Goiter”
7 By bandaging the leaves of Dandelion, smeared with ghee, over the swollen part of the neck, the affected person may get the quick relief.
1 In the beginning it is better for the patient to use juices of fruits like oranges, apples etc as a fast at least for a week
2 After a week the patient may use the fruits and milk as his common diet for another next week
3 ‘ Certain foods like white sugar white flour product
Condiments tea. coffee and alcohol are quite injurious for the Goiter patients
4 Better to have luke warm water
5 The patient should be kept on the bed for complete rest in the beginning
6 To a certain extent, physical exercises to be taken regularly

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