1. ACNE (Acne Valgaris)

This is a common skin disease. This disease is both common and chronic. Commonly this disease comes to the people between age of ten to twenty-four.
The presence of comedies, pimples, scars, blackheads on the face. Blackheads are common in different kinds of Acne. sometimes entire body will be covered with blackheads and even the scars also appear.
I Because of irregular eating habits.
2. Wrong eating habits.
3. Chronic constipation
4. Excess usage of sugar and starch.
5. Because of unhygienic living habits.
6. excessive use of coffee, tea, tobacco etc.
1. To treat Acne niacin and the food containing Vitamin A may be used successfully.
2. Zinc is also useful to cure this disease, no days zinfet tablets are available in the druggist shops.

3. Grated cucumber may be applied on the spots where “Acne” appears.
4. Even the orange peel i s effective in the local treatment of this disease.
5. Lemon juice may be applied regularly to get relief from this disease.
6. Garlic usage is also found effective for the disappearance of scars and pimples.
7. With the help of proportionate usage of “all fruit” diet, at least for a weak.
8. Taking a warm water enema daily in cleaning the bowels
9. By the avoidance of meats, sugar, alcoholic drinks etc,
10. If is better to avoid, using pickles, candies etc.

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