ALLERGIES (Altered riskabie reactions)

The Greek word ‘’Allergy” gives the meaning as “Altered” or abnormal reaction of the tissue because of the exposure to an antigen That is why, this is also called as “Allergen” This ailment can be affected to any part of the body.
1 Are manifested in various forms in various organs
2 Headache occurs
3. Sometimes nervousness and giddiness.
4. Shortness of breath and Vomiting.
5. Irritability and dizziness.
6. Suffer from stuffy or runny nose.
1. By pollens dust and cosmetics
2. By serum and vaccines
3. By poisonous plants
4. Because of irregular use of foods.
5. Because of cold and sunlight.
6. Due to the excessive consumption of refined and processed food
7. Because of emotional and physical strain

1  By taking a little lime, squeezed in the lukewarm water with a teaspoonful of honey

2  By using bananas instead of certain foods

3  Some drops of castor oil in a cup filled with fruit juice when taken in empty stomach

4 By the use of Vegetable juices by carrot and beetroot, once in a day
1 Fast on fresh fruit juices in the beginning for first five days.
2 Meno diet of vegetables following the fruitful

3  Protein foods can be introduced there on
4. Tea, Coffee, Chocolates, condiments, alcoholic drinks etc. should be avoided.
5. Even smoking and drinking should be completely stopped.
6. Yogasanas are more beneficial during this period.

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