ARTERIOSCLEROSIS (Deficiencies in the Arteries)

This ailment refers to the thickening of .Arteries – wall’ this sort of ailment has become common at present, especially  to the aged persons
This ailment precedes, because of the fatty infiltration in the inner lining of the blood vessel walls, resulting the loss of elasticity of them and inter fearing with the free circulation of (he blood
1 Signs of inadequate blood-supply to the legs
2 Coldness and numbness in the feet
3 Short pains in the parts of the blood tissues

4 Cramps and pains in the legs

5 Loss of memory and even confused state of mind

6  High blood pressure and disorder of the kindness
1 Lack of physical exercise
2 More use of white sugar, refined foods, fat diet etc
3 May be even because of other diseases like blood pressure, diabetes etc
4  Because of emotional and mental disturbances
5 Certain times, even by the hereditary roles

1  Honey is a common home remedy for this ailment, because of the easy digestion
2  Lemon peel works plays an important role in preventing from this disease
3  Vegetablejuices by carrots Spinach etc are found more beneficial Thelma\ betaken combined

4 Garlic and onions prevent the development of this disease when taken sufficiently by the patient.
5. Dry parsley in a cupful of water may be taken daily thrice because it contains elements to help in maintaining the blood vessels in a healthy condition.
6. Plantago togata The herb of Isabel also plays the main role in curingthis ailment. The oil, produced by the seeds of this herb is sufficiently helpful in preventing from the disease.
1. Fresh juice of fruits and vegetables should be used in the beginning.
2. Gradually the diet consisting of vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains should be used.
3. Meals to be taken must be minimised.
4. Use of butter cream, ghee, animals fat etc. should be given up.
5. Meats salt and other refined foods should also be avoided.
6. Smoking should be avoided for this disease.
7. Outdoor exercises are preferable.
8. Warm water enema to cleanse the bowels.
9. The patient should lie in the bath tub, filled with water, at least for an hour or two to keep the head cool.

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