Back Ache (Lumbago)

This is a very common ailments now a days.
(1) Because of the sedentary living habits.
(2) Heavy and hazardous works.
(3) Psychological conditions just as emotional stress.
(4) Overweight persons suffer from this ailments, because of carrying an extra load, rather than the weight of the entire body.
1. The pain is commonly felt either in the middle or lower portion of the back.
2. Sometimes it may spread both sides of the waists and hips.
3. In this condition of heavy pain, the patient will not even be able to move. He is completely bedridden.
4. The backpain is caused even because of the muscular tension, incorrect nutrition by cause of the dietic errors and also because of the strain in joints.
5. Female disorders chromic suffering from “Flu” may also lead to the backache.
(1) Use of garlic is an easiest home remedy, when there is backache.
(2) Every early morning in this condition, the patient must be habitual in taking 2 or 3 cloves every morning.
(3) Garlic oil, when rubbed on the back, also gives good relief
(4) Lemon juice should be mixed with common salt and should be taken atleast daily twice to get the good relief.
(5) If the patient eats the fruits of chebulic Myroblan daily after the meals also gets relief..
(6) Applying the raw potato in the form of poultice on the back when there is pain, also gives good relief.
(1) Fatty, fried foods and curds should be avoided in this condition.
(2) Smoking to be given up completely. Shalabhasana, Halasana, Shavasana, are very beneficial to get relief. Better to use fruit and milk as breakfast.
(3) Steamed vegetables and wheat Chapathi for lunch. Raw salad and sprouts during the dinner time Fresh fruit and juice in the evening Bananas, not to be used in this conditions.
(4) Lightly cooked or steamed vegetables should be used.

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