Cataract (Opaqueness of the Eye Lens)

A common eye disease referring to an area of the lens in the eyes. When this disease occurs lens become whitish and opaque. Because of this Reason, the eyesight become unclear.
Light always passes into the inner portion of the eye through the crystalline lens. This is situated just behind the coloured portion of the eye. When the lens become opaque in the cataract, trouble arise in the ttravel of the light. Sometimes when neglected in such this situation, there is the chance ofblindness also.
1. The patient seems riskable to see the things in focus.
2. When the disease goes on developing, the patient see the things in double vision.
3  What ever the patient tries to see, he sees the things cloudily.

1 The disintegration of the lens fibres cloud the entire lens in the absence of appropriate measures.
2 Poisons in the blood stream due to dietetic irregular use, is also the cause for this disease.
3 This disease is caused because of the faulty style of living manners.
4  This disease also develops because of the stress and strain, horrible smoking vitamin deficiency, usage of alcoholic drinks.
5. This disease is also caused by some physical aiiments like diabetes, side effects of drugs those are used neglecting prescribed for some other diseases
1. Eating plenty of dry carrots and to drink the carrot juice twice or thrice daily in the morning and evening is found well and good for the recovery of this disease.
2. We may also use the garlic pieces daily to eat. Garlic, thus eaten, helps in cleaning the crystalline lens of the eye.
3 . Almonds with peppers should be griunded well and mixed in a cup of pure water. Some sugar may also be mixed. This liquid should be drunk by the patients. This type of home remedy, helps the eyes in regaining the vision.
4. Pure honey is the best home remedy for the cure of this disease. By dropping a few drops of honey into the eye, is found beneficial to many patients, suffering from this disease.
5. From the flowers of the pumpkin we have to extract juice and the same to be applied on the eyelids for two or three days without break. This juice washes out clouding and makes the eye to regain the transparent sight.
6 To start with, orange juice is to be taken in the fast.
1 Even the breakfast may consist of Reasonable juicy fruits.
2 Steamed vegetables are beneficial for night meals.
3 Potatoes should not be used
4  White bread, alcoholic beverages, puddings and pies and even condiments should be avoided for this disease
5  Epsom salt baths are found good when taken twice a week.
6 Walking is the fresh air and taking the gentle outdoor exercise is also well and good for the cure for this disease

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