Common Cold (Viral throat infection)

The another name for this ailment is “Acute coryz’’ This “common cold’’ will be occurring to one and all in all occasions. That is why it is so-called. This is inflammation of respiratory treat, caused by the infection with common cold viruses. It is a very miserable and nasty condition of the patient because it remains troubling him even for ten days some times.
Causes and Symptoms.
1. Feeling of soreness in the thro at.
2. This ailment normally begins in the throat and nose, but affects the complete body.
3. The nose will continuously be running and sneezing.
4. Even the temperature of the body rises.
5. In the period of “common cold”, headache may also trouble.
6. The skin around the nostrils may score. This ailment is caused buy (1) exposed to cold, (2) mental depression. (3) lack of sleep, (4) sudden change in temperature, (5) fatigue etc.
1. Usage of lemon juice is more beneficial when the patient is affected by cold. Because it increases body resistance decrease toxicity. Besides reduces the duration of the illness.
2. Let the turmeric powder be mixed in warm milk and taken once or twice daily according to the suggestion of the doctor. The patient may get relief.
3. Boil the ginger pieces in hot water. After straining pour one or ten tea-spoon of sugar Drink the decoction in a limit with the advice of the doctor
4. Prepare ginger tea by boiling the ginger with tea leaves for certain time. Drink proportionately once or twice a day, nose poor and dry cough suddenly stops.
5. Cut pieces of Ladies fingers boiled in the water also gives relief and drink once or twice a day.
6. Tamarind and pepper rasam is a well-known home remedy when the common cold attached. By using this the nose and eyes water is cleared.
1.   When there is ‘‘common cold” the patient should give up all types of boiled foods. It is better to drink only fruit and vegetable juices. That too diluted with water.
2. The well balance diet is to be taken only after a little relief
3.  It is better to avoid all the novel food.
4.  Even cheese and starchy food, should not to be used.

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