Common fever (Seasonal Feverishness)

When the condition of the body temperature goes beyond the normal, fever arises. This is the common ailments occurring from children to old men.
Causes and Symptoms.
(1) Fever begins with slight shivering The patient gets headache.
(2) He feels very thirsty and tired.
(3) The pulse and respiration rate increases.
(4) Heavy sweating from the body. These are the Symptoms for the disease fever.
‘Fever’ is the symptom of body’s fight against infection. The accumulation of morbid matter due to irregular and wrong feeding habits are the main cause for all sorts of fevers.
(1) The of dry grape is the easy and valuable diet when there is fever. Because it quenches the thirst and decrease the heat of the body.
(2) The tea prepared from saffron is the also good treatment when there is fever, the tea to be given in ‘teaspoon for every hour ‘without any break till the’ temperature returns to the normal.
(3) Even the tea prepared by fenugreek is very beneficial for fever. This liquid has the power to dissolve the sticky substance like mutenes etc.
(4) Orange juice is the favourable liquid food to the patients in fever. The juice provides energy in the body, increase urinary output.
(5) Prepare the juice of apricot. Mix a tea spoon of honey or glucose. This is a very cool drink for fever
(1) It is better to put the patient fast of the grape and orange juice. The juice to be taken in the warm water once in ever)’ ten hours. After the temperature decreases, the patient may use the all fruit diet and then gradually may embark upon the well balanced diet according to the age and the doctor’s advice.
(2) Cold compresses may be applied when the temperature rises highly.
(3) Even the cold pack may be applied for the complete body.
(4) Hot water bottles may be kept on the feet and beside the body.
(5) When the patient is kept an on orange juice fast, a warm water enema is to be given daily to cleanse the bowels.

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