Conjunctivities (Redness in eyes)

This is a type of epidemic disease It spreads from one person to another through direct contact. This is also called “Sore Eyes”, This is because of the inflammations of the conjunctive. The transparent membranes which goes a covering the eye-front.
The common cause for this ailment is over crowding and uncleaned environment. As told before it Causes because of the collectivities. During this time the eyes get reddish colour and also will be watering. This conjugation results is because of bacterial & Virus infection. Then alone the eye strain becomes increase. This ailment will also cause because of heavy work in routine While working we utilise the excessive use of the eyes for the prolonged work commonly the cause of this ailment is he detic errors and dirty turning.
1. The eye-ball and the portion of the inside eyelids become inflamed.
2. The colour of the eyes turns into reddish.
3. Sometimes eyes may also become itchy.
There arises the pus-formation which leads to the loss of sleep
1 Raw juices of carrots, spinach are beneficial for the recovery of this ailment especially combined juices are more beneficial for the recovery.
2 Certain juice by Indian gooseberry taken bent fixed-width honey in proportion, taken twice daily is also very useful in treatment.
3 Natural foods, containing the Vitamins A and B are also good for this ailment. We may get these two Vitamins mostly by Milk, Butter, Carrots, Tomatoes, Mangoes,
( Papaya, and also by green leafy vegetables.
4. It is also found better when the eyes are washed by the decoction prepared by the dried coriander. Because of this treatment, the burning of the eyes reduces. The reddish colour disappears. Even the pain and swelling in the eyes lessens.
5. In the beginning better to adopt the food diet at least for a week. Even the fruit juice by the fresh fruits, we get seasonably is a beneficial home remedy for this ailment.
6. Bread and Chapathis with Vegetable solid are more effective in controlling this disease
1. Warm water enema in the beginning of the fast is suitable.
2. Eyes to be moved very gently up and down, from side to side.
3. Do not press the eye balls.

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