Finely ground turmeric powder mixed with honey, applied to any area affected by skin ailments, will cure-all types of skin diseases.
Applying the sap (fluid) that oozes out, when a mango is plucked to the affected area of the skin will get rid of scabies and ringworm.
Finely powdered Oregano (Alain) mixed with onion juice and applied on skin, gets rid of inflammations of the Skin.
Potato finely ground and made in to a paste in lemon juice and applied to the skin gives relief from itchy boils.
Turmeric paste made with coconut oil and applied to the body and massaged, will result in a healthy skin.
Drinking buttermilk made from goat’s milk after food in the morning and night gives relief from Pandu disease.
Darkening of the face due to exposure to sun can be treated by cleansing the face and rubbing cucumber slices all over the face every day for five to ten minutes.
Applying honey on wound scars will make the sears disappear.
Taking a cold water bath every morning, will prevent rashes due to sweat from recurring
Gooseberry juice applied every day on the palms and the soles of the feet, stops sweating in the palms and the feet.
Well-pounded onion paste applied to fissures in the feet will heal them quickly.
Using well-pounded pomegranate plant leaves to rub the body, and taking bath afterwards will get rid of body odour due to sweating.
Grinding Asafoetida in water and applying the paste on pimples will get rid of them.
The sap coming out, when unripe plantain is cut, should be applied to any wound caused by weapons to get relief.
Smearing sandal wood paste on swollen region, reduces the swelling.
Washing wounds with one’s own urine twice a day. heels the wound quickly,
Tamarind juice in hot water, applied to sprained and swollen parts of the body, will give quick relief.
Applying a paste of well ground lemon seeds to scorpion bites and giving fomentation, reduces the throbbing pain and burning sensation.
Making a fine paste of one castor plant leaf with 10 black pepper seeds and giving this to the person bitten by a snake, will make him vomit and this will reduce the intensity of the poison. This should be repeated every hour for at least four hours.
Making a fine paste of Colossian and applying to the hair roots (scalp), stops falling of hair.
Henna powder mixed well with the yellow of the hen’s egg and applied at night to the head and w asking the head the next more
prevents dandruff formation.
( coconut oil mixed with lemon juice, applied and rubbed well when going to bed in the night will gradually make the hair black and shining.
Using guava tree leaves and turmeric together for softly massaging the gums will stop gum bleeding.
Putting 5-6 drops of breast milk into the eyes twice a day relieves the pricking sensation in the eyes.
Pain in the ears can be cured by introducing onion juice into the ears.
Pain in the ears can be cured by introducing the juice of holy basil leaves in to the ears.O

Oregano (Om) heated in a big spoon of coconut oil, and filtered when lukewarm and introduced into the ear drop-by-drop cures the boil > in the ear.
Putting a few drops of lukewarm sail solutions in to the ears, destroys any insect, which has entered the ear.
Sniffing fresh cow dung oi buffalo dung, a couple of times stops nose bleeding.
A few drops of lemon juice put in to the nostrils stops nasal bleeding.
Juice made from freshly plucked neem leaves introduced into the nostrils, stops nasal bleeding.
Consuming one cup of curds with jaggery every day for four to five days cures running nose.
Inhaling limes of turmeric powder sprinkled on hot cinders helps breathe easily and gets rid of nasal blockade.
Tender Henna leaves chewed and spat out gets rid of mouth odour.
Gargling with the decoction of mango tree bark in water gets rid of mouth odour.
Chewing and sucking a few pieces of clove, will stop hiccups.
Eating ripe tomatoes will cure a sore mouth.
Sucking green ginger with sugar candy and swallowing it gives relief to persons suffering from throat ache and hoarse voice.
The water used to wash rice and vegetable stew, if used for rinsing the mouth heels the sore throat.
Onion or cumin seeds, eaten frequently, prevents teeth wearing out quickly.
A few drops of clove oil put in between the painful teeth will reduce the tooth ache or pain.
Chewing or eating raw onion, will give relief from toothache. Also by smearing or rubbing onion paste on the gums, relief from toothache is obtained.
Swelling of the gums can be cured, by chewing a few pieces ol dry ginger and spitting out the saliva
Rinsing the mouth with quarter cup of rose-water with a spoon ol lemon juice prevents sore gums.
By delicately rubbing the gums, with a piece of apple, gum bleeding can be stopped.
By rinsing the mouth with a decoction of the bark ol jamboo tree in water, gum bleeding can be stopped.
Internal bleeding while spitting can be stopped, by eating about 250 grams of superior black raisin (dry grapes) one by one.
Tiredness will vanish and memory power will increase, if mango juice with milk and a spoon of honey are consumed together.
By making small balls of ground onion paste, and boiling one ball of garlic in milk and taking it every day gives relief front nervous weakness.
Mixing well powdered almond seeds, fennel and sugar candy in equal quantities and consuming 15 grams of this powder with a cup of milk every night before going to bed, gives relief from nervous tension.
Garlic seeds well ground in a cup of boiled and cooled milk and taken every day regularly, w ill give relief to patients suffering from paralytic stroke.
The juice extracted by twisting the inner stalk of plantain plant, mixed well in equal quantities of tender coconut and consumed  over a long period, gives good relief to patients suffering from epilepsy.
Equal quantities ol Asafoetida and pure camphor, mixed well in honey and consumed in small quantities, depending on the body constitution will control hysteria.
About 5 to 6 garlic pods, smoothly ground, mixed in a cup of milk and given to people affected by paralytic stroke will help treat the deformation of mouth and eyes.
Consuming a cup of curds with a spoon of turmeric every day will cure joint pains, if given till the patient is fully cured.
inhaling the hot fumes emanated by sprinkling turmeric powder on hot cinder will cure cold.
To get rid of severe cold, a medium-sized onion is cut in to four pieces and the centre filled with pure turmeric powder and roasted  over hot cinder. This should be eaten just before going to bed everyday, for three days.
Cold occurring due to excessive body heat is cured by consuming coconut water.
Cold occurring due to body cold is cured by consuming pepper powder with honey.
To prevent recurring cold and give strength to the patient, 15 grams of almond, soaked it in water for two hours, are peeled and mixed with half litre water, About 20 grams of dry black grapes are added to this mixture and heated over a light fire and a spoon of butter is added, when the mixture reaches a semi solid condition. Every night before going to bed one spoon of this preparation is consumed, followed by one cup of milk.
To effectively cure cold accompanied by headache, cumin seeds, pepper, coriander seeds and dry ginger are ground separately. I laff a spoon each of each of this is added to four cups of water mixed well and boiled till the volume of the decoction is reduced to one cup. One spoon of jaggery is added and dissolved in it. Boiling is stopped and the decoction is cooled. Half a cup of this mixture is to be taken before going to bed.
To get relief from cold and cough one spoon of turmeric powder is added to one pinch of black pepper powder and milk and boiled well. After it is cooled the mixture is taken twice a day for two days.
To get rid of cold, lemon juice is added to warm water, and taken.
To get cured from cough, equal quantities of radish juice and honey are mixed and a spoon full of this mixture is taken three times a day.
Eating a sweet apple every day for 7 days, gives relief from dry cough.
Eating raw garlic cures coughs due to cold and also heals the sore throat.
Eating raw onion with curds rice cures cough due to body heat.
Applying sandal wood powder with honey on the tip of the tongue of children four to five times cures whooping-cough.
Chewing clove with salt and relishing it gets rid of throat irritation and phlegm.
Grinding black pepper in drumstick leaves’ juice and applying it to the cheeks gets rid of headache.
Mixing one spoon of lemon juice with tea decoction and drinking it gets rid of headache due to liver problems.
Mixing watermelon with powdered cumin seeds and sugar and drinking it gives relief from severe thirst.
Equal quantities of lemon juice and onion juice taken two spoons thrice a day. cures malaria.
A decoction made of fenugreek and oregano, in equal quantities taken two spoons, three times a day with one spoon of honey cures breathlessness.
Eating Pomegranate will cure chest pain accompanied by cough.
Chutney made using equal quantities of black pepper and garlic and consumed with food acts as a digestive.
When digestive power is reduced, chewing and eating half a spoon of cumin seeds, before taking food will help digest the food well.
Persons suffering from indigestion should eat grapes, orange, sour apple and ripe bananas to get cured and become healthy.
Constipation can be cured by drinking buttermilk, made from fresh cow’s milk. with salt every day.
stomach-ache due to indigestion can be cured, by drinking the decoction made using one spoon of coriander seeds and dry ginger pounded, boiled in water and filtered and mixed with honey.
Drinking a decoction of clove in water cures stomach distension, due to flatulence.
Three to four pinches of black pepper powder taken with jaggery will cure stomach-ache due to indigestion.
Three or four pinches of black pepper powder taken with jaggery will stop emission of smelly gas.
A piece of ginger with 8 -9 pepper seeds eaten together improves the taste buds and food will be relished better.
Lack of appetite can be cured by eating bamboo fruit everyday.
Retching and vomiting sensation can be got rid of by drinking lemon juice with water.
7-8 pepper seeds ground with onion and filtered using a cloth and the juice consumed will control severe vomiting.
To stop vomiting and loose motion, a piece of tamarind with 4-5 mint leaves, 5-6 pepper seeds and 4-5 cardamom seeds are ground together with a pinch of salt. A ball made out of this mixture should be kept in the mouth and sucked for some time.
To improve general health, equal quantities of camphor and asafoetida are mixed with honey and made into a paste. Pepper size tablets are made from this and are to be consumed twice a day.
To get relief from abdominal pain, a spoon full of cumin seeds is roasted lightly and boiled in water for a long time. A pinch of salt is added along with a small ball of butter to this decoction and taken hot, to get rid of abdomen pain.
Dried Oregano grain is powdered thoroughly and one spoon of this powder is added to water and consumed to stop loose motion.
A cup of buttermilk, to which one spoon of tamarind juice and two ripe bananas are added and consumed cures diarrhoea.
A grated apple mashed and boiled in milk and served three times a day to children suffering from Diarrhoea to get relief.
A semi ripe plantain mixed with sugar and consumed, gives relief from dysent

Diinkmg pomegranate juice three times a day. gives relief from dysentery.
one spoon of tamarind juice mixed with onecup of butter milk to which is added a mashed banana and consumed 2-3 times a day gets rid of dysentery.
One spoon of fine fenugreek powder added to one cup of buttermilk and consumed will get rid of dysentery.
A Mango fruit stone dried and powdered, and two grams of this powder mixed with honey and smeared on the tongue of the sick child gets rid of worms.

Seeds of pumpkin taken with sugar will get rid of tapeworms.
One spoon of the juice of neem leaves mixed with a small piece of asafoetida. taken on empty stomach gets rid of worms in the stomach.
A lemon fruit cut in to 2 pieces, sucked and the juice swallowed helps get rid of stomach churning feeling.
One spoon of aniseed boiled in a cup of water, filtered and the decoction obtained fed to the sick child, relieves the child from flatulence.
Eating raw onion with salt cures stomach-ache.
Eating Oregano seeds with salt gets rid of stomach-ache.
A decoction of Nendra plantain peel in water and consumed cures stomach ache.
Lemon juice in water with cardamom, consumed cures giddiness.
A cup of drumstick leaves decoction in water with lemon juice added and taken for a week gets rid of giddiness.
A very ripe plantain, mashed in milk and taken once a day will cure a sore throat.

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