FATIGUE (Too much of tiresome )’

This is the common ailment to each and everyone in aH the seasons, because of avoiding sufficient sleep and also rests. This Causes only temporarily
1. The patient feels tiredness and weariness.
2. Forgets to sleep or to take rest
1. Can be remedied by taking full rest adequately

2 Because of finishing heavy work in burden, giving stress and strain to the organs the body.  3 Lower vitality and lack of energy due to the bad habit of feeding.

4 Excessive use of white flour products, sugar products, refined foods etc
5 Because of physical and mental conditional stresses.
6 Because of the sufi. c;s of certain diseases like anaemia, blood pressure, blood sugar etc
7 Because of certain infects ons in the body.
8. Due to the damage in liver organ.
9. Because of using allergic foods like drugs, alcohol etc.
10. Poisons and toxins from air and water pollution.
1. To intake sufficient nutrition foods for supplying more energy to body.
2. Wheat seeds, maize seeds give plenty of relax in this ailment when used.
3. Green leafy vegetables and fruits like oranges also give more energy, because of containing the iron substance.
4. Milk products should be sufficient used,,because of containing Calcium in them.
5. Cucumber, apples should be used in plenty because they have Sodium in them.
6. Pumpkin seeds are also favourable in the form of remedy because of having more quantities offing substance.
1. Snacks in between meals should be more utilised.
2. By practising daily physical exercises
3. Cold and hot bath alternately also help in relieving fatigue.
4. Though the usage of coffee and tea gives the temporary relief by the ailment, they should be limited in using. For they are alcoholic.

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