Home Remedies with GINGELLY

To heal wounds quickly, fry black Ginger and the leaves from a Neem tree in castor oil, and make a paste of this with turmeric and camphor, and apply the paste to the wound.
To induce abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, mix black gingerly seeds with jaggery and pound them and make into small balls and give them to the pregnant woman to eat thrice a day.
To stop‘bleeding due to piles, take one spoon of black gingerly with half a spoon of powdered sugar candy to chew and suck. After this, take every day a cup of goat’s milk for thirteen days.
To get quick relief from burn wounds,  apply black gingerly oil on the wound.
To unmarried women suffering from  anaemia and menstrual problems, give one spoon of black gingerly powder in hot milk to get relief.
To get relief from body ache and prevent skin diseases apply gingerly oil on different parts of the body and take hath after 2 or 3 hours.

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