Hardening of the Liver (Cirleosis of the liver)

This disease is characterised by the loss of cells. During this period, the liver becomes hard and leathery.
1. Digestion work becomes improper.
2. The patient vomits frequently.
1 The weight of the body gradually lessens.
4 Low grade fever develops in the body 5. Breath becomes foul.
6 Reddish hair like markings on the body
7 The abdomen becomes bloated and swollen.
8. The mind acts lazily.
1 Excess usage of alcohol by the patient for a long period.

2. Poor nutrition is another cause for the cirrhosis of the liver.
3 From a highly toxic condition of the diet system.

1 When this disease is caused by the alcoholism, a table-spoon of juice prepared by the grinding of black seeds of Papaya, mixed in some drops of lime juice, should be given at least for a month once or twice a day to the patients.
2 The juice of carrots mixed with the spinach juice may
be given to the patient as the beneficial treatment for the effective relief
3. The herb trailing eclipse (Ectipta Alba) of are tea spoonful
mixed with one tea spoonful of honey also gives relief if taken for few days three times daily.
1 The patients should undergo on a juice at least for a week, in connection with the liver cleaning programme.
2 Juices extracted from the fresh and fine fruits like red beetroot, Papaya, Grapes etc. to be taken in the beginning.
3 Aiter a few weeks, the milk diet may be adopted.
4 The milk taking may be gradually in erased with the consultation of the doctors.
5 Ail fats and oils should be given up in the diet for some weeks.
6 Even the canned foods, spice and condiments should be excluded completely till the complete recovery.
7 Even the use of salt should be restricted.
8 Bath should not be taken. A warm water enema may be used daily to cleanse the bowels during the juice fast.
9 Breathing exercise is considered to be the best remedy for treatment.

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