Head Ache (Common Headache)

This is the very common disease now a days. This disease affects each and everyone sometime or the other. Heads aches are caused because
1. By temporary upsets.
2. Warming of the nature when some thing is wrong, somewhere in the body.
1. Because of allergy, eye strain sudden emotion, low blood sugar, tension, infection and the presence of poisons and toxins in our body.
2 U sage of strong cheese, alcoholic food, chocolates, milk
products in excess.
1 Often even the allergies become the cause for several types of Headaches.
1 Usage of lemon juice squeezing in a cup, full of tea for immediate relief.
2 Applying the lemon crusts on the forehead.
3 By eating the inner ha: d portion of a ripened apple with salt daily at least for a week.
4. The flowers of henna, rubbed in vinegar to be applied
on the forehead when the headache is caused by hot sun.
5 Certain herbs like cinema, Marjoram is advantageous in the treatment of headache, caused in the cold air.
6. By undertaking a short fast.
7 Using fruits for breakfast, both fresh and dried.
8. Foods containing protein like breads maybe used.
9. Spices, condiments, Sour, Buttermilk, to be avoided
10. May use a glass of warm water with a tea-spoon of honey as a remedy.
11. Hot foot baths are more advantageous in the treatment of long-standing (chronic headache).
12. Certain asanas and panoramas are beneficial in the treatment of headaches.

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