Home remedies with MYROBALAN

To get rid of skin irritation and boils, make a paste of myrobalan in your own urine and apply to the affected area.
To cure skin eruptions, make a paste of myrobalan in Ginger oil and apply it regularly to the affected area.
To treat Leprosy effectively, eat myrobalan pieces every day.
To heal wounds quickly, sprinkle the myrobalan powder on the wounds.
To stop bleeding gums, mix myrobalan powder with honey and apply to the gums.
To get relief from dry cough and throat irritation, apply myrobalan powder mixed with honey to the throat.
To treat children suffering from fever, grind myrobalan in ginger juice and mix with honey. Smear this mixture on the tongue of the child.
To help cure piles, eat myrobalan powder mixed with jaggery every’ day, before taking food.

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