MEN STRUAL PROBLEMS (Certain trouble relating with menses.)

Estrogen and progesterone are the two sex hormones in v/omen, produced in a pair of organs, known as the ovaries. I Estrogen is produced in large quantity by the ovaries at the age of nearly twelve to the girl. This growth helps her, in developing her youth. At this time alone, menstruation takes place in her.
This menstruation work should be very regular, certain j problems varies because of the irregularity in this work. Commonly these problems are –
1. Stoppage of menstruation
2. Severe pain at the time of menstruation.
3. Excessive menstruation
4. Premenstrual tension.
1. Few days before menstruation, woman feels nervous and fatigue.
2. Swelling in the lower extremities because of the hormonal imbalance feels headache.
3. Suffers from depression.
1 Medical parlance in a common condition.
2 In the condition of anaemia, worry grief or fright,

3  Sometimes even after serious illness,
4   Because of fibroid.
5 The pain in the place of estrogen.
l The use of ginger is a best sort of home remedy in this condition when used with sugar at least twice a day for a week.
2 Better to take the powder of sesame seeds in hot water daily for a couple of weeks.
3  The usage of parsley in this period increases menstruation and brings regularity in the regular duration of time in monthly menses
4  When suffering from excessive bleeding, the usage of banana flower is the beneficial home remedy. The flower should be cooked and should be eaten with the curd for a period of fortnight.
5  the decoction by the Asoka bark is a good home  remedy when suffering from excessive blooming.

6 The decoction of the coriander seeds mixed with the sugar candy is also beneficial at the time of menorrhagia.
7 the usage of unripe papaya helps the young girls when II menstruation stops due to stress or fright.
8  When the women are suffering from heavy bleeding the Hi ice of fresh mango bark is more beneficial if taken in i loses of a tea-spoon full for a couple of weeks.
9. The seeds of herbal herbs boiled well in water are useful in painful and difficult menstruation, if taken by the patient for a fortnight.
1. The sufferer should begin with the fruit juice diet.
2. Treatment with the meals of fresh fruits.
3. Should undertake breath building treatment.
4. A glass of pure milk after the fruit meal.
.5. Warm water enema for cleansing the bowels.
6. Regular taking of dry friction and a cold hip bath.
7. Cold baths to be given up in this period.
8. If smoking is in practice, this should also be avoided to get rid of menstrual disorders.

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