Nephrites (Inflammations of kidneys)

This is the dangerous ailment occurring in the childhood and adolescence If the treatment is not taken earlier, it may result even to death
1 Pain in the kidneys
2. Light fever arising
3 Light pain in the backside
4 Disposal of highly coloured urine
5 Passinglarge a mounts of albumin in the unne
6 Even because of the blood pressure

1. Because of the Streptococcus infection of the throat
2  By an attack of scarlet or rheumatic fever

3 Because of wrong feeding habits
4 Weakness in the body
1. Tender coconut water is the very good remedy for this diseases which acts effectively
2 Eating bananas daily is also the excellent remedy because of having heavy carbohydrate content
3. Carrot juice is also more effective, if it is taken daily in he morning with honey for the prescribed period.
4 Even the grapes juice is more valuable because of containing more water and also potassium salt
5 avocados are also more beneficial because of containing the large quantity of minerals and some protein contents
1 Vegetable and fruit juice in the beginning for first two weeks because for the removal of the toxins and impurities in the kidneys.
2 Aff er a few weeks, the patient may be provided all fruit diet
3 There afterwards the patient may adopt the vegetables diet
4 Importance for the steamed vegetables
5 Diet of fruits and milk is excellent treatment while suffering from this disease
6 . Such vegetables to be used, containing the low quantity of protein
7 Food containing oxalic acid should never be used in this condition.
8  Warm water enema should be taken daily for cleaning the bowels.

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