PREMATURE GREYING OF HAIR Loss of black shiny hair

The black shiny hair attracts everyone for its own beauty. In the old age it is common these hair turn into grey. But sometimes even before the old age the black hair turns into grey. And makes the person to look as if old.
Hair grows from hair follicles in the epidermis This hair growth on the head doubles the beauty of the face. So it is more important to each and every one to give attention on hair on the body.
1. Improper and faulty diets.
2. Because of unnecessary worry minded.
3. Because of the decreases in Vitamin B’.
4 Owing to the extraordinary tension in the skin scalp.
5. Because of the un-cleaned condition of the scalp and negligence in cleaning the hair.
6. Because of improper use of hair dyes.
7. Washing the hair with hot water.
8 Sometimes hereditarily

1 The goose berry fruits should be cut into pieces and be boiled in the coconut oil This darkish oil should be applied on the head-hair to prevent from turning into grey
2 A small quantity of butter from cow milk may be massaged into the hair roots to the result of stopping the grey colour ultimately
3 Fresh juice of amaranth leaves is also found as a fine home remedy in stopping this,harm
4 By using the chutney prepared by curry leaves is also found beneficial in stopping the hair turning into grey
1 The richly diets in all essential nutrients should be used in this time.
2. White flour products, sugar products should be stopped
3. The soft drinks, jams and jellies should be avoided
4 Massage of the scalp with the almond oil is considered to be the best home remedy.

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