this is very annoying skin disease and a common skin disease which occurs commonly among the children.
1  occurs mostly in the scalp, skin of the feet and nails.
2. The disease appears on the body in the beginning spreads deeper into the hair roots.
3. The patches are commonly round in shape and will have a clean space in the centre
1 Because of the lack of protective fatty acids in the scalp

2 By using the towels of infected persons.
3 The disease passes from an infected person to a healthy person by contact
1. By rubbing the slices of the papaya fruits on the ringworm patches on the skin of the body
2. By applying the juice of the raw turmeric on the affected parts of the skin
3. By using the juices of the raw vegetables is also a good treatment for the ringworm
4. The paste, manufactured from the mustard seeds may also be applied on the spots affected.
5. The juice or paste, prepared by the cassia leaves also give the profitable result when applied on the ring warm patches
6 The paste prepared by grinding the seeds of the herb Butea, mixed with a little lime juice is also beneficial if applied on the spots of disease
7. The juice extracted from the leaves of holy basils, may
also be applied on the patches to get a satisfying
8 The carrot juice with a mixture of spinach juice is beneficial treatment for the ringworm disease, if taken daily once for a couple of week.
1 Should adopt the fresh – fruit diet for a week in the beginning.
2 The juices of fresh fruits like papayas, pineapples, apples, oranges should be used with an interval of five hours.
3  After a few days of using the fruit diet, the patient may be instructed to taken the well-balanced diet, with lightly cooked vegetables.
4  He may also use curds and milk with the chapatis, made by white wheat flour
5 Alcoholic foods and liquids should be completely avoided
6  Tinned and bottled foods should also be avoided
7 Coffee, tea and other condiment foods, not to be used
8 Warm water enema is beneficial for cleansing the bowels in the beginning
9 The patient should be kept in such an area where plenty of fresh air is available
10 Hath should be taken twice a day
II  Hester to apply the coconut oil on the spots of the ringworm, occurred
I 2 Sun bathing in the morning is highly beneficial for the cure of the ringworm disease.

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