Severe Headache (Migraine)

Severe headache with Nausea is known as “MIGRAINE”. Ache will be only on one side of the head. In this condition, there will be disorders in digestion, the liver and also in vision. This ailment is caused mostly because of (he heavy mental strain or tension. This disease occurs suddenly.
causes and symptoms
1 The pain will not only be on one side of the head, but also come out from the eye.
2 Some times the pain will occurs on both sides of the head simultaneously.
3 It may attack daily or frequently as the physical condition would be.
4 There will be the pounding pain and there may be vomiting sometimes in this situation.
5  It gives a peculiar warming before starting.
6 The patient feel numbness in his arm or leg.
7 Improper sleep and rest is also a symptom for this disease.

8  Excess in smoking and even the sexual inductance are also the Causes of the disease
1. The ripe grape juice is quite beneficial even to this disease.
2 After crushing a few cabbage leaves, they must be placed in a cloth and bound on the fore head, when there is pain. This ancient folk remedy gives gradual relief to the patients of this type.
3. Even the lemon crusts are found beneficial as the home remedy for migraine.
4. Certain combination of Vegetable juice by carrot, cucumber, beetroot etc. has also been considered to be the good treatment for the recovery of migraine.
1. It is better for the patient to fast on orange juice.
2. Even the juice of vegetables are beneficial while having last.
3. It is better to avoid overeating.
4 White flour products, rich cakes, confectionery, pickles, condiments and even the oily foods should be avoided.
5. Copious water-drinking is a remedy drinking during this period.
6. Cold water should not to be used for food bath, but hot water to be used.
7. The patient should also start more and more exercises and better to walk more in the fresh air.

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