Sexual Dysfunctions. (Male Sexual Dysfunction)

‘Sex’ is an essential and basic instinct both in man and woman This gives relaxation to both But this sexual tension should be in a hurry or haste. The sexual actions should be followed normally without over occupying. It not the persons are bound to suffer from sexual dysfunctions.
1. Because of sexual importance.
2. Because from Psychological illness.
3 By use of drugs without the suggestions by the doctors
4 Because of the advancing age.
5 By the excess.use of alcoholic foods.
6. Because of the disease like diabetes.
1 The pounded dry dates with the mixture of almonds and quince seeds are the beneficial treatments. It should be taken thrice daily at least for four weeks.
2 The soup of drumstick flowers boiled in the hot milk is the best sexual tonic in the treatment of sexual debility.
3  Lady’s fingers are found a good home remedy for the improvement of sexual vigour.
4  The usage of anions uncooked, is a suitable remedy in creasing the strength of introductory organs.
5  Ginger – juice with the boiled eggs and honey gives relief to importance and premature Ejaculation, if taken for a few days with the prior suggestion of the doctor.
6  Even the daily usage of carrots are useful if taken with the boiled eggs and a teaspoon of honey daily once, for a month or two, increases sexual stamina.
1  The patient should adopt to take thrice meals a day of fresh juicy fruits.
2 Special rejuvenating food like goats milk, honey, why are very useful if used generously.
3 Smoking use of alcohol tea etc. should be avoided,

4  White flour, white sugar products should be avoided.
5  hasagna, Dhanurasana Sarvangasana are highly convenient for the success in treatment.
6  Cold hip bath should be taken for at least ten minutes.

7  Well balanced diet should be taken only after fresh fruit diet for a couple of week.

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