SORE THROAT (Throat – Inflammation)

This ailment refers to the inflammation of the back of the throat. Commonly this ailment occurs in the cold season and, some times while suffering from “Flu”
1 In the beginning there will be irritation in the throat
2 Pain in the throat, continues the irritation
3. The patient feels a light fever
4 The lymph glands, on the side of the neck become swollen
5 The throat-back turns into red
6. Feels difficult while swallowing
1. Because of “Cold” commonly

2 Sometimes because of to “Flu”
3 Rarely by diphtheria and leukemia

4 Because of eating the foods, boiled in the ground nut oil, excessively.
1 Cinnamon powder boiled in a glass of pure water with the pepper powder in a pinch may be used as remedy with the honey while suffering from this ailment
2 Mango bark is considered to be a best remedy for sore throat
3 The decoction of henna leaves are useful when used in the sore throat
4 The decoction of tea leaves with a pinch of salt may be used in the form of gargle to cure this ailment
5 Salt water is also beneficial when used’to gargle at the time of sore throat
6. The boiled water of katakana herb is also found as the beneficial remedy to this ailment 7 7 The infusion of the bishop seed mixed with common salt, should be used to get relief from sore throat.
8. The gargle prepared by Fenugreek seeds is also considered to be the effective remedy while suffering from sore throat
1 Fresh fruit and vegetable |juices in the beginning diluted in warm water
2 Raw fruit and vegetable diet with plenty of fruit juices
3. Well-balanced diet only after the ailment, comes to an end.
4 Starchy foods, cakes, candies should be given up in using
5 A small piece of liquorice by chewing or sucking for a little time, gives relief from sore throat
6 By drinking the water boiled with the leaves of Holy Basil, using as a gargle
7 The pulp of the Hellenic myrobalan (herb) fruit mixed with salt, honey and pepper powder should’beused to get rid of sore throat
8 Should fast on orange juice and water for the first week.
9 May adopt all fruit diet gradually
10 Warm water enema for cleansing the bowels daily.

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