STRESS (Mental Tension)

This ailment refers not only to the body. but also to the mind, when affected, we observe the disorders in heart head etc Because of such sort of stress, we have to suffer from apart disease, headache, diabetes and other ailments
1 We observe in the beginning, a large number of physical charges
2 The brain and the nervous system becomes in active.
3 Digestion work becomes dead slow
4 Muscles become tensile
5 Blood pressure increases.
6 Faster breathing
7. Sweating starts
8 A feeling of frustration.
9 Poor sleeping and bad temper
1 Because of the loud noises and blinding lights
2. Because of extreme heat or cold
3. Because of using the drugs and chemicals without the advice by doctor
4. Sometimes due to the inadequate nutation
5. Even from various toxic substances
1 By chewing the leaves of holy basil Because they act as anti-stress agent prevents stress significantly.
2 By using the foods in the diets containing A and B vitamins sufficiently and also the vegetables containing more minerals like calcium, magnesium and others
3. By using the tea prepared by the dried sage leaves with a teaspoonful of honey
4. By using the foods like yoghurt. seeds and spouts which contain plenty of‘A’ B’ and lD’ vitamins in them.
1. The patient should be placed on an optimum diet
2. Regular in taking particular exercises
3. The patient should be given in complete rest
4. The usage of coffee, cigarettes and alcohol should be avoided
5. Prominence should be given to the regular physical exercises

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