UNDER WEIGHT Less Weight Than Normal

The Weight of our body should always be normal. It must not be less or more than the normal. If so, no doubt, the individual will became unhealthy.
1. The body becomes thinner and thinner gradually.
2 The patient feels fatigue and tiresome.
3. Obtains poor physic cal stamina.
1. Because of the insufficient nutrition and maximum bodily labour.
2. Because of irregularity in taking meals and bad eating habits.
3. Digestive troubles because of wrong dietary practices.
4. Because of increasing of intestinal worms.
5. And even by the hereditary tendencies.
1. The limited daily use of ripened mango milk, thrice a day, i.e., in the morning, afternoon and before going to bed.
2. By using milk, cod liver oil, which contains Vitamin ‘D’ is to a most extent.
3. By using green leaf vegetable such as radish, turnip etc in which the magniciumis plenty.
4.   By having plenty of the sun-rays.
5.  By utilising daily, three figs, well soaked in water.
6 .  Utilising raisins more daily in food.
1 Vegetables should be taken in the form of salad or after lightly cooked.
2 All refine foods should be avoided in usage.
3  Regular walking in the morning and evening limitedly.
4  Sarvangasana, Halasana, are found helpful to get cure from this disease.

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